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Ralf Garrison, a destination travel industry veteran, and entrepreneur, is evolving his focus and offerings commensurate with the changing market forces at play, driven by the dramatic impacts of the Covid Pandemic and its ongoing economic consequences to the destination travel industry.

His unique experience, qualifications, and interests are specific to destination resort communities that share an appreciation for - and commitment to -  sustaining the unique lifestyle available in resort communities where local residents, visitors, and 2nd homeowners co-exist.

New initiatives in 2021 include a fundamental shift toward social enterprise and several initiatives related to the post-pandemic road to recovery and its impacts on the tourism economic infrastructure, lifestyle, and environmental sustainability shared by all.  


Analyst, Strategist, Storyteller

Garrison offers experience and expertise with research tools and analytics, evidence-based insights, and unique “storytelling” communication skills intended to benefit resort-community decision-makers in both private and public sectors and their tourism-dependent businesses.  Services are configured around client needs and offered on one-time or longer retainer agreements.  

Collaboration, Business Development

Created as an administrative, research, and enabling technology resource center for the destination travel industry, the Group provides a platform for collaboration and business incubation/development, that has served hundreds of clients and launched several successful travel-related businesses.  The Group utilizes an extensive network of long-time industry colleagues and affiliates for larger, team-based projects and thought leadership. 

New Initiatives:

In anticipation of the forthcoming new reality, Garrison and his Advisory Group, have begun a transition toward a social enterprise structure and a sustainable lifestyle for those who live, work, and vacation in resort towns.   “Having lived and worked in resort towns for much of my career, my vocational and avocational interests have long-since co-mingled, as have the professional colleagues, associates, and personal friends," he observed.  “Now well established and able, I’m looking forward to helping an industry which has been very good to me,” he concluded. 

Contact Info:

Services are available from  Ralf individually, through The Advisory Group, or  in conjunction with The Insights Collective, and are conducted on a one-time, project specific basis or longer term more permanent basis.  Fees are based on circumstance and value provided. Satisfaction is guaranteed.    

Contact me, for further information or schedule a complimentary 30 minute introductory Call:

Ralf Garrison  |  Tel: 303-929-2122 (M)

678 S Franklin Street, Denver, CO 80209 

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