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A message from Ralf Garrison - Summer 2021:


The Covid Pandemic has been a global disruption and threat to  secure personal and economic well-being beyond anything I’ve ever experienced or even imagined. And, while the travel industry is among those market segments most dramatically impacted, it’s also becoming increasingly clear that the leisure travel segment–and particularly those rural resort towns who feature an outdoor life-style and inherent sense of health and wellbeing–presents something of a perceived safe-haven to more crowded, urban domiciles, and with it an emerging set of unintended and potentially widely disparate consequences. While challenges are numerous, the metaphorical glass can also be seen as half full, perhaps with lemonade made by optimists, when others only see lemons.

Well established, well versed and naturally curious, I assembled a gaggle of some of the industy’s best thinkers, and  launched a pandemic think tank  that became The Insights Collective, which has now taken a life of its own,  and recently   formalized as a Colorado non-profit corporation.


For more about the founding vision of The Insights Collective visit: www.theinsightscollective.com

Our experiences as collectivists,  brought with it challenges, opportunities, and prompted an evolution in my personal goals  toward that of a social enterprise, specifically targeted on resort communities who are ready and able to shift toward a new paradigm for tourism economics, its related infrastructure, and a broader constituency than heretofore.



Tourism is not just about the tourists, but, when viewed from the perspective of local residents and stakeholders, is about an economic, organizational and  infrastructure with the common goal of creating a sustainable lifestyle for  residents and visitors alike.


While evidence-based strategic planning for destination resorts is a foundation of my life’s work, this social enterprise structure is a  viable strategy for public/private collaboration;


I  welcome the company of others with similar interests and objectives; together, we can achieve more than any of us, individually.

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Social Enterprise:


…..” an organization that applies commercial strategies to make a positive difference for social benefit.


 The social impact is funded wholly or partly by reinvesting profits made by the organization to create social capital “