Since its inception in 1984, the Advisory Group of Denver Inc. has served the destination travel industry, providing advisory and contract project services featuring core competencies in research, strategic planning, economic and market development, and tourism-infrastructure. More recently, the Group’s focus and unique expertise has been focused on tourism-dependent businesses and their public-sector representatives in destination resort communities, seeking to help establish and sustain a balance of lifestyle and economics for all stakeholders' greater good.

Created, owned, and operated by industry veteran Ralf Garrison, the Group, has morphed along with the industry it serves, founding several related businesses along the way, including The Mountain Travel Symposium, The Assembly, Destination Summit, Trans-Link Systems, Reservation Technologies, C.R.A.D.R, the Central Reservations Association (aka CRADR, then The Resort Reservation Association).

In 2005 Garrison launched DestiMetrics, a destination travel market intelligence system, adopted by dozens of destination resort communities, hundreds of lodging properties, and several thousand users in both mountain and sun resort communities in United States and Canada. After its sale to Northstar/Inntopia in 2018, Garrison took a sabbatical, began work on his bucket list, then re-engaged, providing project-based consulting and advisory services with the re-launch of Advisory Group.

Spring 2021 Update: Mindful of the novel Covid-19 virus-turned-pandemic and its unparalleled disruption to the status quo, Garrison and network of colleagues, founded The Insights Collective, a pandemic economy think tank and resource center. The Collective team is powered by a group of industry veterans supported by the Advisory Group’s platform, systems, and data-driven approach to decision making and is being approached as part of a new social enterprise platform, currently under development.  

The Group is best suited to larger, and multi-disciplinary project work and is uniquely qualified to support those private and public-sector organizations in tourism destinations who seek to re-position themselves to defend against the challenges and/or capitalize on the opportunities of a rapidly shifting post-Covid marketplace.

Work is usually led by Garrison from the Group’s administrative and technical resource platform and utilizes a broader network of industry colleagues and associates that can be assembled to match client requirements, so you only pay for what you need.