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Ralf Garrison, a destination travel industry veteran and entrepreneur, offers consulting and advisory services that continue to evolve commensurate with the changing market forces, most recently driven by the dramatic impacts of the Covid Pandemic and its ongoing economic consequences to tourism-dependent businesses and resort communities and their residents.

His interests, unique experience and expertise are around destination resort communities who share an appreciation for and commitment to sustaining the unique lifestyle available in resort communities where local residents, visitors, and second homeowners co-exist.

Ralf offers advisory services independently, builds project-specific teams from his Advisory Group platform, and is currently formulating a new practice based on social enterprise.


Analyst, Strategist, Storyteller

Garrison’s offers advisory services are based on his experience in the strategic planning, business development and operating tourism-dependent businesses and are targeted to those who can benefit from his research tools and analytics, evidence-based insights/strategy development, and unique “storytelling” communication skills.


Services are configured around client needs and are offered on a one-time project basis or longer retainer agreements.  

Economic and Tourism Infrastructure

Created as an administrative, technological and strategic planning resource center for the destination travel industry, the Group’s network and enabling resource platform has served hundreds of clients and launched several successful travel-related businesses.


The Group’s core competencies are focused on mountain and coastal resort towns and the economic foundation and organizational infrastructure required to sustain the lifestyle of residents and visitors alike.


Often led by Garrison, the Group draws upon an extensive fact-base and network of long-time industry affiliates for larger, team-based projects and thought leadership. 

New Initiatives - 2021:
Social  Enterprise

Now in the second year of the Covid-induced disruption of the travel industry and unintended consequences to destination resort communities, Garrison expects a long road to recovery, continued disruption in the ongoing battle against Covid and its mutations, and a host of  what will be challenges for some and opportunities for others. 


“Having lived and worked in resort towns for much of my career, my vocational  and avocational interests have long-since co-mingled as have my colleagues, associates and personal friends. Now I’m in a position to help and industry that has been very good to me…” he observed.


Toward that end, Garrison and his Advisory Group, have begun a transition toward a social enterprise structure as a platform to address the best interests of those who live, work, and vacation in resort towns.

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